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What is Pokemon Duel?Edit

Pokemon Duel is free-to-play mobile game developed by The Pokemon Company. It is a strategy game where the -player collects Pokemon figures and use them in a game played like checkers. These figures can range in rarity from Common to EX. The object of each round is to get your Pokemon onto the other players goal with a set amount of time with board-game style gameplay. The player can also obtain boosters when they battle in their league. Boosters are chest like items that when opened give the players figures as rare as Common to EX, and the longer the booster takes to open, the more likely you are to get an EX. The player can also buy boosters with gems, and when opened give you material. Material is an in game currency used to buy almost all of the figures in the game.

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Recent UpdatesEdit

Legendary Bird update: This update was mainly made for adding in the Bird Trio, but added a few new Common, Uncommon, etc figures

Latest activityEdit

Battle, Spin, and Win in Pokémon Duel!

Battle, Spin, and Win in Pokémon Duel!